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We are pleased to announce we have several major updates ready!
Check out change log:
V 11.0.1
* Fixed joystick
* Torch is destroyed if falls on water
* Fix unmount button
* Fix bow and gun
V 11.0.3
* Fixed teleporters when player mounted
* Fixed player death after opening inventory while driving elevator
* Pets don't teleports if touch teleporters anymore
* Disabled swimming gravity in creative
* Replicator and destroyer don't overlap, dig or clone model blocks
* Fixed using blocks with sword equipped
* Fixed notification messages
* Fixed Fog
* Fixed blinking chests
* Fixed soul cathcer tool
* Fixed life magic tool
* UI fixes
* Small fixes


Did u fix the bug where flowers(from jungle trees) light on fire? cause if u didnt i cant play cause my houses will burn THE HELL down... and my forests and my stuff... o yea... candes light up on fire too

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Thats dissapointing...

I played blockstory again and it seemed that u guys fixed everything but fire bug... Plz fix that... PLZ!!! That fire burns everything down in my world... Plz devs!!

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Please describe your problem,

Please describe your problem, what flowers(screenshots) also you mean candles? I will do my best to fix this fire bug with next update.


Yes I will show u my screenshots so u can see what I'm talking about and thanx

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Here it is

Tha idea describes my problem and it has the screenshots... The candles light on fire and burn wood and books in my house... And the jungle trees flower... The purple one... Is on fire and it burns the rest of the tree down and others... Plz check attachment http://www.blockstory.net/idea/fix-bug#comments

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The joy stick bug was the

The joy stick bug was the most annoying. Thanks for fixing that! Also, no swimming mechanics in creative will be a great thing for underwater building. Great update, as always! Happy

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Tx you!

Tx you!

This bug

There is this line that seperates both ocean and hell. http://www.blockstory.net/forum/what-0 http://www.blockstory.net/forum/we-need-get


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Thanks For The Update

Thanks for getting the update out on steam! This has been a problem for a while now, but adjusting the sensitivity doesn't work for me. If I adjust it all the way up or all the way down, it's still really high.

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