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Check out new Special Winter Block Story update. v 10.5.2 was uploaded to GooglePlay.

New features and fixes:
* Winter theme in main menu
* New pet Snowman
* New model block Christmas tree
* Better weather effects
* Bug fixes and improvements

Default texture pack updated to 10.5.2

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Aww man!

That sounds cool!
It's just that I'm on IOS and the update is probably never coming out.
Wish I could play it though.


I got the update just now and it is amazing!!!!!!!

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Hey brother! This is angryalligator. Are there compatibility issues with lollipop? Because after i got a new phone running android 5.1.1 im not compatible

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This update is the best especially Frosty the Snowman!! XD


furnace glitch

furnace no longer works on Crystal Block Black

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cryiong out loud

Happy new year to you too.

Happy new year to you too. I'm much excited for the new development that will be done till the end of this year.
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Snowman pet

What does a snowman eat?



Head Developer Of The Block Story Community Edition.

This winter version is really

This winter version is really special.Meet and greet Luton

Yes it is

Yes, the snowman is pretty much good with his abilities, and is easy to train, likeable character and theme


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