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Block Story Goes to Early Access on STEAM® this Friday!

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Thank you for your interest in Block Story on STEAM ® and hopefully you’ll help us on the Early Access journey in making Block Story a great experience on PC.

During Early Access we want to ensure STEAM games know we want to hear all suggestion in improving the PC version. This is your chance to shape the game into what you would like it to be and while we cannot guarantee that every bit of feedback posted her in the forums will make it into the final version of the game, we do appreciate constructive feedback in game modes that should be implemented and perhaps features in the future that we can add after the launch of the final game.

Thanks for being part of the development process of Block Story on Steam!




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If we've already purchased BS via Desura is there any option for us to transfer our game to Steam, preferably free or low cost?



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Yes, send us proof of purchase in the contact page and we will arrange for this.

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THANKS! Is the Desirable confirmation ID from the email what you need?


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Contact us at [email protected]


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Yeah! Congrats block story team!

]:> V.S. O:-) WHO WILL WIN?!?!?!

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I got my desura key for Block Story, via the Indie Debut Bundle 4, this was before the game was released on steam, is it possible to get a steam key

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Yes Nick, email us proof of purchase at [email protected] , and we will send you a key

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Does coming to Steam mean that beta build will also be available for PC users?

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Where do I enter this key. I have the key but cannot find a location for it. I am an older casual gamer, so please treat me like an idiot. :)

I am not a gamer so you are probably further along than I am. My wife wanted this installed on her Windows computer as the 2006 MacBook she loves is getting close to the end of its life. I made notes as I went along and these steps worked for me.

1 Start Steam & make sure you are logged in
2 Click on Add Game (lower left corner of window)
3 Choose Activate a Product on Steam (window opens)
4 Click Next
5 Read terms & click I Agree
6 Enter your key & click Next
7 Click Finish (window closes)
8 Click on Block story (as of today -- 2015/10/21 -- it is still in beta)
9 Click Install (window opens)
10 Click Next
11 Click Finish (window closes)

I will let my wife play this game and give me her thoughts as I know nothing about it. I will let you know what she tells me.