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In my previous article,  I explained that the generator is divided in layers.

Let's go deeper into the terrain generation layer which is where the meat is.  Here is an illustrated explanation for how infinite terrain is generated:


So, is Butter a sub-class of

So, is Butter a sub-class of bread?

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Oh god.....

Oh god..... ROLF

Giggles are to Block Story as Metroids are to Metroid.

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It all makes sense now

It all makes sense now


Amasing...simply amasing Laughing

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Gives me a new sandwich idea... ill toast the bread first though

HAHAHA!! Hilarious. A

HAHAHA!! Hilarious. A buttered-bread-cat: the perpetual motion machine is a reality at last!


lord have mercy

I cant stop laughing.

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I would love to know how you

I would love to know how you conquered the texture bleeding problem using atlases. Assuming that block story even uses texture atlases at all.